Leanne's Potpourri Vol Iii - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Leanne's Potpourri Vol Iii - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4
Screenlist - Leanne's Potpourri Vol Iii - Spank Her 4 Real - SD/MP4

Model: LeAnne
Studio: Spank Her 4 Real

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:53:42
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: This Volume has 5 of LeAnne's videos.

"LeAnne's Party Weekend Spanking"! LeAnne went out Friday night and didn't come back home until Sunday evening. Her step-mother was worried sick too because she couldn't reach her. Once LeAnne was home safe she knew just how to curb her party ways and make sure she called next time to let her know what was going on. A good bare bottom spanking and time in the corner will teach her the lesson she needs to learn.

"LeAnne, Positions of Punishment!" I have received questions over the years on how to spank and what positions to spank naughty women in and decided it was time to make a, somewhat, instructional video regarding the topic. I had given LeAnne a sound spanking for her attitude and told her if she volunteered to participate in this video the rest of her spanking would be less severe. She gladly volunteered!

"LeAnne's Slutty Dress Spanking!" LeAnne was caught, by her step-mother, wearing a very revealing dress and at all places the mall. LeAnne may not have been embarrassed but her step-mother sure was. So, to help LeAnne pick out better wardrobe Ron gave her a good sound spanking in an appropriate dress!

"LeAnne Learns bedtime means rest!" LeAnne doesn't seem to understand that when it's late and time for bed that means it's time to go to rest. Instead she tends to stay up late but make a considerable amount of noise as well. Her step-mother has asked her time after time to keep it down. After repeatedly being told and not doing what she was told LeAnne ended up across Ron's lap for a good sound red bottom spanking! Ron made her dress in her bed time clothes to also get the point across.

"LeAnne's Bad Grades Spanking!" LeAnne is attending a local community college which Ron is paying for. However, she has to keep her grades up and as this video shows she hasn't been keeping her grades up. Ron gives her bottom a good spanking and turns it a nice red when her spanking is over. I'm sure there's going to be more Bad Grades spanking coming in her future unless she gets serious about school.
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