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Screenlist Ivy's Initiation - severesexfilms - Full HD/TS

Model: Julie Simone, Ivy Thornton
Studio: severesexfilms

Format: ts (zip)
Duration: 00:59:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 877,8 MB

Description: Miss Ivy Thornton is no stranger to the world of BDSM, but being with Julie Simone takes it up to a whole new level - starting with being properly bound. Julie takes several lengths of red rope and begins to secure Ivy. Her hands are tied behind her back and her upper arms are tied tot the ropes that cross her shoulders and chest. When it's all done Mistress Julie has a perfect handle to position young Ivy just the way she wants her. Once bound Julie warms Ivy up by spanking her ass, slapping her tits and pulling and twisting her nipples.

Mistress Julie Simone continues her initiation of Ivy Thornton. She turns Ivy around for some boot worship. Ivy runs her tongue up and down Julie's legs, she sucks the heel like a miniature penis and she licks the toes, using her willing mouth to bring out the shine on every inch of her mistress' leather thigh-highs.

Ivy Thornton's initiation continues. Mistress Julie Simone has her kneel on the couch with her head to the wall and her nice, round ass up in the air. Mistress starts with some bare-handed spanking, followed by her pink and black leather flogger. Ivy moans as the flogger strands kiss her upturned cheeks. Perhaps this is too gentle? Mistress Julie steps it up, switching to something a bit heavier, the black rubber flogger. Next up is a long, plastic shoe horn, which leaves nice little marks on Ivy's bottom. Last is a nasty little black whip with quite a bite. Done with Ivy's bottom for a bit, Mistress take a cane to the sole of Ivy's foot. But that was just a momentary break, and Mistress Julie finishes the scene with 15 solid cane strokes to Ivy's butt.

Mistress Julie Simone has moved Ivy Thornton from the living room to the dungeon to continue her initiation. Ivy is strapped into the electrical chair as Mistress lights up a cigarette. Ivy develops a new appreciation for fresh air as her Mistress breaths smoke directly into her mouth. She holds the burning end of the cigarette next to Ivy's nipple, letting her feel the heat! Ivy feels even more heat on her nipples when Mistress puts down the cigarette and picks up a flogger to give her tits a good beating, which gets even worse when Mistress switches from a leather flogger to a rubber one!

Mistress Julie Simone was very surprised that Ivy Thornton picked a cane as one of the toys for them to play with, for while she has caned a man's nipples in the past, she has never caned a woman's tits before. Ivy stops her feet to process the pain as Mistress crops her sensitive nipples. The cropping was just to get the flowing, to make Ivy's boobs more sensitive as Mistress Julie adorns them with an array of needles! With five needles in each breast, Ivy can only wonder what is coming next?!

With Ivy Thornton strapped into the electric chair and her breasts adorned with needles, Mistress Julie Simone removes the flower from Ivy's hair and places a latex hood over her head. She zips it up and strokes her pet's head, speaking softly to her rubber doll. For all that Ivy has taken today, she is going to be rewarded. Mistress Julie teases her with the magic wand, entertained by the sounds that Ivy makes as she comes closer and closer to orgasm. Mistress flips the switch to high, making poor Ivy moan even more! She stuffs the vibrator into Ivy's panties and lights up a cigarette. With a cloud of smoke in her face, Ivy cums, the perfect ending to her initiation!
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