Pov Schoolgirl - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4

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Model: Zoe Page
Studio: Zoe Page Video

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:11:16
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 318 MB

Description: Oh dear Daddy is cross ..... again! Why can't I wear make up, all the other girls do, oh and he thinks my blouse is so short he says it's a crop top! I know whats going to happen after Daddy tells me off and I guess you do too. It's so humiliating. He has told me not to wear make up to school before so I suppose I've been disobedient and according to Daddy there's only one way to deal with disobedient girls and that means a trip over his knee! Over I go ... It's not fair I'm a big girl now but Daddy knows best and before long I'm wriggling and sobbing from a hard spanking. " No Daddy NO you can't " but my complaining gets me nowhere down come my little cotton whit knickers and the spanking gets harder. Eventually I give in and promise to be a good girl and do as I'm told ... I do love Daddy and I guess I did deserve a smarting hot bottom for being so naughty. It's awfully red, oh and it's so stingy as I pull my white panties back up! Do you think I deserved that spanking?
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