Splashing For A Thrashing - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Splashing For A Thrashing - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Splashing For A Thrashing - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4

Model: Zoe Page, Sarah Gregory
Studio: Zoe Page Video

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:10:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 308,5 MB

Description: Sarah is being such princess, not wanting to get her hair wet, but all I want to do is have some fun in the pool. Maybe have a swimming race over a few lengths or even see how far we can swim under water. She's not playing ball so I encourage her to play with a few splashes! It doesn't have the effect I wanted it just seems to maker her mad. Soon she threatens to spank me if I persist, that's like a red rag to a bull so I splash away harder. Oops next thing I know I'm lying over the edge of the pool with Sarah taking my bikini bottoms down for what she says is a well needed spanking.Girls just like to have fun but this girl Sarah just likes to spank! I think she's been waiting all day for an excuse to get her hands on my cheeky behind and now hey presto she's spanking away with glee. It's not just a few slaps either, my poor bare bottom is really stinging and turning rather red. Oh dear when the rest of our guests come tonight I'm sure they'll notice my smacked bottom, that tiny bikini will never cover the glowing evidence!
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