Waking With Spanking - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4

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Screenlist - Waking With Spanking - Zoe Page Video - HD/MP4

Model: Zoe Page
Studio: Zoe Page Video

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:13:38
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 350,4 MB

Description: POV Custom Video

Really enjoyed making this I so love embarrassing a naughty boy, taking control and making him wank in front of me. He's been checking out my ass at work and storing pics of girls bottoms on his work PC . What's a boss to do, well didn't take me long to think up his punishment. Just to encourage him I slip out of my sexy office clothes while his cock stands to attention and he nearly explodes when I show off my naked ass! He's told to stroke his cock and wank it off but not to cum until he's allowed to.Since he likes ass so much I spank myself over and over again, the stinging slaps echo around the office. There's no mistaking the sound of a smacked bottom! Would you like to work in an office full of sexy girls and have a strict boss like me?
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