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Exclusive Cover Zoe's New Slutty Sex Slave - UkCuteGirl - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Zoe's New Slutty Sex Slave - UkCuteGirl - HD/MP4

Model: Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page
Studio: UkCuteGirl

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:22:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 861,4 MB

Description: Zoe Page has purchased a new sex slave to service her and all of her friends kinky and sexual needs. Lucy sold herself as a sex slave so she can be used in all sorts of deviant, sexual ways.

Both girls are impeccably dressed in gorgeous, very revealing lingerie. Lucy is led by a leash and collar into the center of the room. Crawling of course with her wrists and ankles cuffed together. Zoe orders her too stand, inspecting and groping her new purchase whilst calling her a piece of meat and informing Lucy that she has been purchased to provide domestic and entertainment purposes whilst always referring to her as mistress. Lucy's excited by her new slave name will be Blonde Bitch.

Lucy is ordered to begin cleaning but quickly chastised with spanking for not doing it sexily enough. Zoe then orders Lucy to give her a lapdance. Soon it is clear to Lucy that Zoe plans to have sex parties where her friends can use her as they please. This turns Lucy on. Zoe orders Blonde Bitch to her knees to demonstrate how she would please her male friends by sucking off a banana. Blonde Bitch really gets into it so Zoe pulls out another banana and tells her to suck both because she will be doing that to all her male friends. She moves the role play on by saying they have cum all over her face and she is to taste their imaginary cum!

Blonde Bitch is so horny now so Zoe blindfolds her and tells her to imagine she is being spit roasted by 2 men. Blonde Bitch gets so into she imagines being fucked in the mouth and the pussy at the same time. Zoe calls her a slut. She is now being double penetrated by the 2 males, used as fuck meat. Blonde Bithc explodes with excitement!

Lying on the floor recovering Zoe takes off the blindfold to lean in for a long, sensual kiss and explains that her friends will be coming over later to do all this for real!
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