Face Sitting Punishment At The Gym - UkCuteGirl - Full HD/WMV

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Exclusive Cover Face Sitting Punishment At The Gym - UkCuteGirl - Full HD/WMV
Screenlist - Face Sitting Punishment At The Gym - UkCuteGirl - Full HD/WMV

Model: Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page
Studio: UkCuteGirl

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:07:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 512,7 MB

Description: Zoe has reserved the mats at the gym for her workout. She arrives on time but is absolutely fuming that I am using them yet AGAIN to stretch out after my run. Honestly I don't know what her problem is, surely we can both use them right?

Well apparently not. Zoe is fuming this time. She is shouting at me and telling me she isn't going to stand for it anymore. Personally I think she's a stress head and I tell her to take a chill pill. This only exacerbates the situation and she tells me she's going to teach me a lesson. I'm not really sure what she has in mind so i'm still giggling at her thinking she's joking. She most certainly is not and she comes at me with full strength pinning m to the mat and sitting on my face!!!
I literally can't believe she has the audacity and I think shes crazy which she totally is. Especially when she starts doing her stretches over me, flexing her pussy right on my face!!! I cannot get over how shocked and humiliated I am!!!

It gets worse! She takes off her sweaty gym shorts and shoves her arse in my face bouncing it around on my nose! I can't breathe and I think shes trying to suffo;cate me. She strips her top off next and laughs at my watering eyes. Covering my face me with her tits i'm still in shocked at how crazy she is. It goes on for what feels like forever. She's taunting me, laughing at me rolling around on the floor struggling to breathe.

Finally she kicks me off of her mats warning me not to do it again!
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