Spa Patrol - Pain4fem - SD/MP4

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Cover Spa Patrol - Pain4fem - SD/MP4
Screenlist Spa Patrol - Pain4fem - SD/MP4

Model: Lea, Hannah, Adriana, Helen
Studio: Pain4fem

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:40:43
Resolution: 720x576
Size: 519,6 MB

Description: Police Officer Karl Schwenk and his comely partner execute a raid at a fitness spa. There he finds two gorgeous models in possession of anabolic steroids and initiates a rigorous effort to discover the source of the illegal substance.
Using the most humiliating and painful methods, he beats the girls until one of them finally gives up the identity of their supplier.
The supplier is seized and taken into police custody.
Using various "questioning techniques" Schwenk tries to get a confession from the unscrupulous beauty.
But being lashed on her naked breasts with a pony whip proves no more effective than the even more forceful strokes administered to her bare and well-developed back.
Finally, a dozen strong stokes of the cane bring about her confession.
It's evident that certain women require interrogation under more painful conditions. In this case, the
combination of whip lashes and cane strokes on her entire body.
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