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Model: Stevie Rose, Skylar Rose
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:20:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: Stevie finds out that her younger sister, Skylar, has auditioned for a final spot in the school cheerleading squad. She has been lied to and needs to understand why Skylar would sneak behind her back to get the coveted final place when they had both agreed not to try out this year! They had always agreed to have the others back, as being family was more important than anything else. Skylar arrives home finding a confrontational Stevie, who wants to know why such selfishness could ruin their special relationship. The cheerleader uniform only damns her further as evidence of her betrayal, so the younger sister is told only a spanking will teach her the error of her ways. Stevie can barely contain her anger and the hand spanking is hard and mean... but she reminds her that she still loves her. This is a real punishment on the bare bottom and she wants Skylar to apologize, properly! The best way she knows is to use the dreaded "Family Strap". She tells her sneaky younger sis to bend over the couch, bottom stuck out for the impending strapping. This leather implement is long and heavy, designed to teach rule-breakers a proper lesson. Poor Skylar's bare bottom quickly turns as red as her uniform from the relentless, merciless swats of leather ensure Skylar's bottom is burning with shame! Family comes first, she should remember that and this is the consequence for breaking that sacred rule!
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