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Model: Amy Fox, Lily Swan
Studio: cheerleaderspankings

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 745 MB

Description: Assistant coach, Lily swan, has asked Amy Fox to come by her place (on her way home after practice) for an important face to face meeting. Amy is thanked for turning up, but that is the only compliment she receives as this is a disciplinary meeting about her future in the cheer squad which also has ramifications about any scholarships she has in mind using cheerleading to help in her education. Amy has a real attitude and it is obvious this cheerleader can not be bothered to even wear the correct uniform, wearing a risque top and outrageous sneakers that are out of place. In order for this girl to learn her lesson, she is told she will be spanked and punished... unless she wants to tell her parents how she will not gain a cheer scholarship. The sassy cheerleader is laid out flat over the wobbling table with continual, hard hand swats across her bare bottom with withering scolding remarks from the assistant coach! The hand spanking quickly leaves Amy's cheeks a shameful red but this is far from over. As she has proved to be a bad cheerleader, she gets 10 of the best with the wooden punishment paddle which every girl in the squad dreads above all else! After being "wrong-footed" by the true purpose of this meeting, Amy learns not to sass the coaches and respect practice sessions as intended. More than any scholarship, Amy's poor sore bottom depends on her behaving far more appropriately in the future!
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