Caning Merit Badge - dreamsofspanking - SD/MPG

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Cover Caning Merit Badge - dreamsofspanking - SD/MPG
Screenlist Caning Merit Badge - dreamsofspanking - SD/MPG

Model: Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron
Studio: dreamsofspanking

Format: mpg (zip)
Duration: 00:59:21
Resolution: 960x540
Size: 998,3 MB

Description: Tom and I were getting ready for our weekly Wednesday night date. This was the time when we would deal with any punishments arising from our domestic discipline arrangement, in which he was helping me keep track of my exercise routine. I'd just come out of the bath when he came in to ask if I'd be interested in setting up my camera and recording some of our play ... and mentioned that he had in mind a rather more extended scene than I might usually expect on a weeknight.

The premise was based on Tom giving me the chance to earn another

. At the start of this year my friends at

gave my boyfriends a sample of each of their initial set of badges, and asked me to blog about earning them. So far, D had orchestrated opportunities to bestow the Spanking and Bondage badges, but I hadn't yet earned any from Tom. I knew that in order to earn a badge something unusually dramatic would be required of me, and given how hard Tom and I like to play in the usual course of things, I was more than a little nervous.

We also made the decision not to ignore the camera, but to engage with it in a sort of candid "video diary" way. This massively reduced the faff level and allowed us to focus on each other. Unfortunately, we couldn't turn off the server running in Tom's room, so there's some mechanical whine in this which I wasn't able to remove completely. Definitely something I want to try to avoid in future.

This film does not have high production values, nor an ambitious storyline. But it does include scenes of genuine, candid intimacy, romance, dominance and submission; and real punishment as part of a real life domestic discipline arrangement, including some honest and unrehearsed negotiation.

And it's action packed, too: 39 strokes of the bath brush (that was the DD punishment), followed by an extended, dreamy D/S session in which I flew my way happily and willingly through a hundred hard strokes of the cane, working up from one of our medium canes to one of the heaviest and thickest in our collection; then twenty strokes with a light whippy cane on my nipples (bizarrely, one of the hardest things I have taken on camera, bringing me nearly to tears - and you can see it all on my face; I was too embarrassed to watch those bits while I was editing!) followed by thirty hard strokes of the razor strop, at my request. By the end my bottom was welted, bruised and thoroughly punished, and I was basking in the blissful, languid relaxation of someone who's just received one hell of a spanking.
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