A Model Slave - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

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Cover A Model Slave - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist A Model Slave - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: captivechrissymarie

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:23:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1 GB

Description: This story is about a model who shows up for a glamour shoot only to find out that the guy is not a real photographer but instead is a front man for wealthy men who like to take hot girls for their pleasure. The scene opens with Chrissy in her parked car talking with manager in full bitch mode. "Yes I'm here, but I don't even want to do this, I know the money is good, but this guy just creeps me out!” She finally agrees to do it but makes him promise to call her back later and check on her. We see her walk to the front door in a sexy tight dress and heels and knock. The entire time, the ‘photographer’ has been inside talking with the potential buyer. He tells him “the package has arrived” and ensures the buyer’s video is clear. He goes and answers the door (camera POV) and we see Chrissy come in being very abrupt and stuck up. "So Chrissy, it's nice to finally meet you" he tries to make some friendly small talk but she just gets even more annoyed. “I'm here for a glamour shoot so lets just do it ok" The photographer decides to take a chance and asks her how she feels about fetish work too. "You mean like bondage stuff? No way, I'm a professional model, guys who just want to see girls all bound and gagged are pigs and girls who do that are sluts...maybe I should just leave!” The photographer realizes his mistake and quickly withdraws his request. He gives her a box of things to change into and tells her the bathroom down the hall. As Chrissy leaves to change the photographer talks to the live video camera. “You get all that? You still want to proceed? Very well…" 

Now we see Chrissy in a slingshot swimsuit and leather fetish heels in full glamour mode as she poses for the photographer. After a while the he quietly says to the buyer "Oh my god are you getting this, yes sir I understand" Chrissy hears him and asks "who are you talking too" but he just claims he was talking to himself and tells her it is time to take a break, he has something in the back room he would like to show her. Little did Chrissy know she would end up tapegagged and ziptied to the bed! Chrissy looks up at the camera extremely pissed off and mmmpphing through her tape gag and writhes around on the bed. After watching her struggle for a while the buyer has another request, he wants Chrissy to present her ass for him. Chrissy is defiant and MMmpppphss fuck you, so the photographer decides she needs a few whacks with the spanking paddle and tells her “you will obey!” After several hard smacks on the ass she gives in and pushes her ass up in the air so the buyer can get a good look. She pushes her ass up and down as she struggles and wiggles back and forth, mmmpphing in frustration. After he has seen enough the buyer informs the photographer that she is ready for her next phase of training!

Next we see Chrissy on her knees with her hands ziptied, her head bobbing up and down as she’s giving the photographer a blowjob. After a minute the buyer informs him that he’s seen enough. The photographer has Chrissy sit next to him, but just goes on to immediately hand gag her tightly and grope every inch of her. He talks to the buyer again “do you like this ones tits? Later we'll make sure her pussy is satisfactory" He keeps her handgagged as he calls her manager back. “Hello this is Chrissy's father, something has come up & she will be tied up for a while". Later we see Chrissy still ziptied and now ballgagged as she receives another paddling over his knee and gets spanked repeatedly until the buyer decides that he wants her!
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