Stripped, Stretched & Interrogated 3 - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Stripped, Stretched & Interrogated 3 - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Stripped, Stretched & Interrogated 3 - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: captivechrissymarie

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:11:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 493,3 MB

Description: Chrissy is naked and hogtied with her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows cinched together with rope. She is lying on her side on the floor and is also cleave gagged with a black bandana. We see the villain's boots pace behind Chrissy as well as a cattle prod that caresses her thigh, hip, ribs and breasts. We see the cattle prod light up above Chrissy before he jams it into her breast shocking her awake. Chrissy writhes and groans through gritted gagged teeth. The villain then crouches behind Chrissy and says "let's see if you're more cooperative now". He fondles her breasts, stomach and crotch as a disgusted and wide-eyed Chrissy struggles. He stands up and as Chrissy struggles, rolling on to her back, he jams the cattle prod in her crotch/lower belly making her writhe and groan through gritted gagged teeth again. Chrissy hyperventilates after the shock, her ribs compressing rapidly. The villain holds the cattle prod over a wide-eyed Chrissy lighting it up above her. "Do you want to go through this torture again? Tell me where the emeralds are!" he demands. Chrissy's defiant look tells him what he needs to know and he jams the cattle prod into her breast again, shocking her and making her writhe and groan but this time it knocks her out.

Chrissy is now tied to a chair, arms over the back of the chair, with wrists and elbows tied together.  Her legs are tied to the chair to keep them spread. The villain picks up Chrissy's slouched head by the chin, sees she's still out, then tosses a bucket of water on her to wake her up. “Welcome back" he says creepily after Chrissy, who is now ungagged, coughs to clear her throat from some of the water then angrily looks at villain with gritted teeth and wide eyes, struggling against her bonds. “Don't bother to struggle" he says as he grabs Chrissy by the throat with his right hand and starts choking her. He lets go and starts fondling her breasts, belly and crotch again. “Help us both and tell me where the emeralds are so I don't have to hurt this body.” Chrissy, disgusted by villain's fondling, says“Never...go fuck yourself you pervert!" The villain backslaps her then opens his hand and slaps Chrissy on the left side of her face. Then he punches her in the stomach. As Chrissy smarts from the blows the villain gets his cattle prod again. He lights it up in front of Chrissy's wide eyed and slightly agape face. "I guess you like when I play with this new toy on you huh?" He runs the tip from Chrissy's inner thigh, up her belly button, between her breasts, and lifts her chin. "Where are the emeralds?" A silent and wide-eyed, mouth slightly agape Chrissy slowly nods no. Villain then jams the cattle prod into Chrissy's breast, making her convulse while her head jerks back. "Well?" the villain says after stopping the shocking as Chrissy tries to catch her breath. Another nod no. Villain jams the prod into Chrissys rib cage, eliciting more convulsing. Another pause, more Chrissy catching her breath while nodding no. Villain says, "looks like it's time for an even worse position" before he jams the prod into Chrissy's crotch which eventually knocks her out.

Chrissy is now seen dangling from her wrists which are tied together, arms stretched tightly overhead and skin wet and sweaty. The villain kicks her in the stomach to wake her up.  Chrissy coughs and stares at villain with wide-eyed anger once again. He fondles Chrissy from her crotch up her belly, both breasts, then demands to know where his emeralds are again. Chrissy responds "they were never yours you thief!” He punches her in the stomach, and then backslaps her across the face making her half spin so we can see her ass. The villain then grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back as he fondles Chrissy some more then says "tell me where my emeralds are before I get my favorite toy out again". A wide-eyed and angry Chrissy looks back at him and says "Do your worst. I'll never tell you anything". The villain lets Chrissy go while getting the cattle prod. She dangles briefly with a defiant wide-eyed look towards him before he returns and pulls her head back by the hair again. He then uses the cattle prod like a baton and smashes it on Chrissy's abs, jerking her face forward as her body recoils from the blow. "I like how versatile this toy is" he says before he uses it as a baton again, this time smashing Chrissy in the back which makes her body recoil the other way with her back arched and her head back. Chrissy twists and moans in pain. "If you're not going to tell me where my emeralds are, I'm going to enjoy punishing you!" He then clubs Chrissy in the ribs again, then switches to shocking her again on her breast making Chrissy convulse in pain. Then he moves behind her and clubs her in the back then shocks her left breast. The villain then fondles her from behind and as he grabs her crotch he says "I know where you'll really like how this feels". Chrissy looks at him wide eyed before he shocks Chrissy in her crotch, making her convulse and eventually go limp. The villain pulls her head back by the hair to see she's out then lets it go and leaves her there still dangling from her wrists.
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