Wonderstar Stretched & Interrogated - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

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Cover Wonderstar Stretched & Interrogated - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Wonderstar Stretched & Interrogated - captivechrissymarie - Full HD/MP4

Model: Khrystal
Studio: captivechrissymarie

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:10:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 544,7 MB

Description: Wonderstar has been captured and is now tied to a chair with her rope bound arms tied down over the back of the chair and her legs spread. Mortus enters… ready to interrogate the superheroine and get the information he’s looking for. He slams into Wonderstar’s belly, jolting her awake. He pulls her head back by the hair "you are now in the underworld Wonderstar. I can see from your sweat that your amazon body is already feeling weaker. You won't be able to withstand the torture from earth, so tell me where the amazon lair is!" A pained Wonderstar glares at Mortus. He punches her across the face, then backslaps her. Then he brings out the cattleprod and lights it up in front of her face. Wonderstar still refuses to tell him the location of the amazon lair so Mortus jams the prod in her chest making her convulse in the chair. He then jams it in her abs making her convulse and cry out in pain again. Then Mortus lifts Wonderstar’s chin with the prod. "On earth, your amazon costume couldn't be removed, but here in the underworld, you have no such luck!" Her then unties her bikini top, bearing her breasts, then torments her by tracing the prod up her body from her lower abs to her chest. "I bet this will feel extra painful" he says then shocks Wonderstar again and knocks her out.

Wonderstar is now bound with her arms stretched over head. Mortus approaches and slams the prod into her gut like a baton causing her to wake up. She wheezes as she tries to catch her breath from the blow. Not satisfied she's alert yet, he backslaps her across the face. "How does hanging like a piece of meat feel in the underworld Wonderstar?!" Wonderstar glares at Mortus, gritting her teeth. "Your sweaty body makes me thing you're warm." Mortus then removes her bikini bottom while Wonderstar then begins beating her with the prod like a baton as she grunts and moans in pain. Then he continues with shocking her with the prod, each time making her grimace in pain as she convulses. After she still refuses to speak Mortus grabs Wonderstar by the throat with one hand… "Tell me where the amazon lair is" he demands yet again. "Never" she breathlessly responds as he squeezes her neck. This infuriates Mortus even more causing him to knee her in the stomach several times. Wonderstar's reaction is more pained than before. "You seem to like pain...like this" he comments then again jams the prod into her making her convulse and hyperventilate from the shock. He doesn’t let her recover before he shocks again until she goes limp… but he isn’t done with her yet. Mortus grabs his whip then gives her a hard blow to wake her back up. "You're a valiant amazon, but will you hold up against Ares's whip which was created to punish Amazons?" He goes behind Wonderstar and begins lashing her over and over again. "Tell me where the lair is!" he demands but Wonderstar says nothing as she grits her teeth and groans in pain. Wonderstar is so weak and can barely remain alert when he apaches and wraps the whip around her neck and uses it to knock her out again. Maybe another predicament will convince her to cooperate…

Wonderstar has been hogtied and gagged with a bandana pulled tightly between her teeth. We see Mortus's boot enter the shot behind the tied Wonderstar and jams the prod into her again to wake her up. He then proceeds to shock her over and over again… on her abs, thigh, back and chest… and she writhes and groans through the gag… relentlessly tormenting her as she continues to resist and ultimately knocking her out yet again. Mortus will have to think of another tactic to get it out of her… something even more painful and torturous in order to finally break the resilient superheroine.
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