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Model: Chrissy Marie
Studio: captivechrissymarie

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:21:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: My classmate and I are studying for our final exam, and man is this class tough! I just can't seem to remember all the terms! He mentions he knows a new technique for memorization. "Great! What do I need to do?" I ask. He assures me that it's very easy, and tells me to just start following the pendant. I follow the sparkly crystal with my eyes as it sways back and forth. I ask if I should start reciting the terms, but before I know it, I'm so mesmerized by the swinging object that I don't even care anymore. He tells me that I'm getting sleepy, and I repeat "sleepy". He says I'm going to go into a deep rest. "Deep rest". He tells me to count back from 5 to 1 and when I reach one I will fall resting. I slowly count backward and as I go on, I feel my eyes and head extremely heavy, and once I reach one, my head falls forward and I'm knocked out and fast resting. He can't believe how easy it was to me! He checks out my body in my tiny crop top and jean shorts. My sexy legs have been teasing him all day, hell actually all semester, so he sure can't focus on studying. He might as well have some fun with me instead. "Can you hear me?" He asks. I reply "I can hear you". He tells me from now on I will refer to him as master. "Yes, Master". He tells me I will do everything he says. "Everything you say". He says I will obey all of his commands. "Obey all your commands" I say. Now that he is confident that he has full control over me, he tries giving me my first command. He tells me that when I wake up, I will be a sexy stripper and will do a dance for him. He tells me "do that now" and I lift my head and stand up starting to slowly strip and dance. He puts me in and out of trance throughout my dance. When he says "awake" I become conscious and question what is going on, freaking out more as each time he wakes me up I've lost more articles of clothing. I can just barely grab my clothes before he says "obey" and I drop them, staring forward with a blank look then starting to resume my stripping and dancing. Before I can remove my bra and panties he puts me back to rest and my head falls forward and arms fall at my sides.

He feels me up and then asks me again if I can hear him. He says that when I wake up next, I will have transformed into a wanting a treat. He says "do that now" and I get down on all fours and start barking and wagging my tail and following master's commands to earn my treat. He says "awake" and I become conscious again while crawling around on the floor. I panic at why I am on the floor in my underwear, but he quickly says "obey" and I go back into trance then puppy mode. I start sniffing at my clothes which I dropped in front of me when Master said "obey". I decide I don't like them anymore, turning around and kicking them away with my heels. He says "rest" and my head falls again. He tells me that next I am going to wake up and finish stripping naked while teasing him. "Tease you master". I seductively start removing my bra, thong and heels and showing off my hot ass and pussy. Then he says "awake" and I become conscious, horrified that I am naked and exposed. He says obey and I snap back into trance, continuing to tease him, until he says "rest" and puts me out again so he can get another good feel. Next he makes me transform into a fitness instructor, running in place and doing jumping jacks, really making my tits bounce around. He takes me in and out of trance then puts me to rest, then orders me to bend over the couch and present my ass to him. "Are you going to spank me master" I say as he caresses my bottom. ""Actually, your going to spank yourself. You now have an uncontrollable urge to spank yourself". I start giving myself hard spanks on the ass turning my ass bright red. He wakes me up several times while I am doing this, making me wonder why I am naked and my why my ass hurts so much, before making me obey again. Once he is satisfied with my spanking, he puts me to rest, then tells me I now have an incredible urge to lick my nipples. I obey and please Master with my skills.

He puts me back to rest then tells me that I'm not going to remember any of this and orders me to get dressed. I put my clothes back on. He tells me when I wake up I am going to think that I was studying the entire time. "Studying Master". I'm going to tell him that I think he's a great study buddy and that I want to come over more often, and that I've been checking him out recently and think he is really hot. I'm going to tell him I can't wait to return and then I am going to get up and leave. He wakes me up normally, and after a brief moment of confusion I tell him that I think I actually learned a lot, as well as everything he ordered me to say while under trance. Just as I get up to leave, he wants to try the trigger one more time and says "obey" making me immediately stare forward in a trance. He tells me next time I come back, I'm not going to wear panties. "No panties Master". He says don't forget your book, I pick it up, and he wakes me up normally again. "Oh, I guess I almost forgot my book" I say laughing, then walk out the door, eager to return as soon as possible, completely unknowing of the control my classmate now holds over me!
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