Redemption Manor Part 1 - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4

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Model: Eris Martinet, Ophelia Dehaviland, Sarah Jane, Kate Anne, Lucy Lauren, Melanie Graham
Studio: Eris Martinet Female Evil

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 121,9 MB

Description: If you remember spankalicious Anthea & melissa series, then this is the even better sequel. A sumptuous old fashioned spanking movie set in the 1950s, with gorgeous naughty girls and a couple of haughty disciplinarians.

I had not long been retired, when I received a phone call from my beloved step-sister, Rebecca. We had not spoken in months and after the usual family news, she outlined the real purpose of her call. Rebecca had two step daughters of her own, Jenny and Anita and they were also, like Sarah Jane, studying at university. To my horror, my step-sister told me that both girls were misbehaving at college and were in grave danger of being expelled. They had been missing lectures, breaking curfew and disrespecting the college teaching staff.
This was an extraordinary coincidence as I had been having similar problems with Sarah Jane and only days before this call I had received a letter from her personal tutor outlining a stream of misdemeanours. Sarah Jane was due home in two days, for the summer holidays and she and I were going to get to the bottom of her behaviour issues. After a lengthy discussion Rebecca and I decided it would be a good idea if we all convened at my house in the countryside. We decided to run a course, of a weeks duration, where we would take these young ladies in hand and put them back on track with their academic work and their behaviour going forward. I should mention that Rebecca was also a teacher and, like myself, had good old fashioned ideas when it came to educating young ladies and the particular disciplinary methods necessary to achieve results.

And so it was that my step-sister and her daughters arrived a few days later. I instructed Sarah Jane to show my nieces to their respective rooms, while Rebecca and I sat talking about the weeks academic studies and also disciplinary methods I thought we should use. We discussed the usual sanctions of lines and detentions but I was keen to discuss how effective spanking was for a young lady's correction. I tried to articulate, from my own teaching experience, what I felt constituted the best methods for dealing with young women in my charge when it came to physical chastisement. I opined to my step-sister that there were 3 main elements to an effective spanking.
Firstly, there was the waiting.
I had sometimes smacked a naughty girl's bottom at the point of the misbehavour but often, I liked to let them know they would be going over my knee usually later that day and that of course added to the punishment. Often a misbehaving young lady might be called to the front of my class and have her dress pinned up at the back. Then she would have her legs smacked down to the knee by myself as I sat in my chair and she stood sideways on in front of me with her hands on her head. After a minute or so of this, I would stand her directly in front of me as she was trying to hold back tears and rub the stinging backs of her thighs. Her mood would not be helped by my inviting her to my study at 4.15 that afternoon for the rest of her chastisement. Everyone knew that this would be a smacked bottom and a smacked bottom "on the bare" and ,although this would be given in the privacy of my rooms, it often meant that a student who had their legs smacked at 11.30 in the morning, often had to wait for nearly 5 hours for the second part of their correction. Sitting on red, stinging legs knowing you were soon to have a more intimate part of your anatomy put into the same state in a few hours time, was not a happy experience but it did concentrate the mind on concentrating carefully in class.
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