Redemption Manor Part 6 - Eris Martinet Female Evil - Full HD/MP4

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Model: Eris Martinet, Ophelia Dehaviland, Sarah Jane, Kate Anne, Lucy Lauren, Melanie Graham
Studio: Eris Martinet Female Evil

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:24:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: "During the course of the next few days, we also had reason to hand out detentions,which were scheduled for between 4 and 6 o'clock. Unfortunately for my girls,they each received, during the course of the week 2 detentions and I had a strict rule about this. The rule was that 2 detentions in the same week would mean a caning and a bare bottom caning at that. I shall describe later how that particular correction was carried out but let me explain now how we ran our detentions. I know many teachers have detentions where the student sits,for an hour, in silence at their desk,or is given work to do. I did not favour this approach,preferring a more vigorous regime.

Firstly,I would scold the young woman as she stood before me in her disciplinary outfit of green knickers,white vest and white socks. Then I would take her over my lap for a thorough hand spanking, over the seat of her green knickers.

I would then stand her directly in front of my seated self and lower her knickers,turning them inside out until they were stretched down the legs with the gusset remaining in the groin area.

Next I would instruct her to sit on the chair at the small table and write out 100 times, for example,"19 year old naughty girls deserve well smacked bottoms". When I had checked these lines for errors as the miscreant stood in front of me,I took her back over my knee and hand spanked her bare seat for a few minutes until it was bright pink and ,no doubt, stinging horribly"

In a, by now, tearful state,it was time to be sat back on the chair,knickers still down and then there was poetry to be learned.

A mentor of mine who I had taught with years ago,had composed a short but appropriate poem for her students to learn before she spanked them. It went like this.…

"For very naughty girls like me,there is a simple remedy,
A good hard spanking,over the knee for very naughty girls like me.
And if bad behaviours still remain,the answer will be very plain,
My knickers must come down again,for 12 sharp stingers,with the cane"

My mentor always gave her students a relatively short time to learn this great work of literature and woe betide them if they couldn't recite it, word perfect,prior to being taken over her knee. When errors occurred, legs would be smacked until red and until the recital had been made without error. Only then would the main correction be carried out-a good old fashioned,knickers down,over the knee,bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. She swore this whole process made the correction much worse than just a simple spanking.

The student had 15 minutes to learn the poem and, of course, the subject matter alone would have created large amounts of nervous anticipation,let alone the ordeal of trying to recite the poem accurately.

When a mistake inevitably happened, a few crisp smacks to the backs of the legs, created an element of panic and memory loss and created a vicious circle of stuttering and smacked and tender legs. When it finally came,the over the knee tanning on the bare was almost a welcome relief.

I had decided to build this poetry practice into my own detention ritual and so my students would sit bare on an already well smacked bottom desperately trying to memorise those 4 lines. As they retook their seat,I would always provide extra motivation by saying,"woe betide you if there are any mistakes".They all knew what that would mean!

And so it was with my students, after 15 tearful minutes learning a poem while sat on a hard wooden chair, on an already stinging rear end,they would find themselves stood in front of my seated self,arms folded behind their backs,stammering out the lines of my mentor's poem. Inevitably, of course,there were mistakes and I would turn the young lady,sideways on and holding her across her stomach area,smack the backs of her thighs several times before letting her try again to get the lines right. As always happened, legs were a bright pink before the poem was said to my satisfaction and a,by then, emotional 18 or 19 year old was then taken over my lap for the conclusion of the detention-a very thorough hairbrush spanking.

I would then usually lead the young lady,still bare and very emotional, from the detention room,on what was an often public walk,along corridors and up stairs,finally leaving her hands on head outside her own room. A well smacked bare bottom on public view to others should not be underestimated as a deterrent. I would also put a note on the notice board for all to see that the student had been chastised with the appropriate details.

And so it was that during those coming days,Sarah Jane,Jennifer and Anita found themselves in detention after classes..…"
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