The Old Fashioned Way - goodspanking - SD/MP4

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Cover The Old Fashioned Way - goodspanking - SD/MP4
Screenlist The Old Fashioned Way - goodspanking - SD/MP4

Model: Stevie Rose, Chelsea Pfeiffer
Studio: goodspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:22:51
Resolution: 720x480
Size: 520,6 MB

Description: "Chelsea has a client who prefers business communications in the old fashioned manner, e.i. letters via the mail. No email, no text messages, just regular mail on paper. Stevie resists this manner of communication, trying to convince Chelsea of the time saving new technology. Finally, Chelsea has no choice, but to take the stubborn secretary over her knee for some lessons in how to follow instructions!
Stevie is spanked OTK, her panties removed. Then, she is instructed to fetch implements, a paddle and a strap. Once in hand, Chelsea takes her job seriously as she thoroughly paddles and straps Stevie!"
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