Used Goods - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4

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Screenlist Used Goods - Eris Martinet Female Evil - HD/MP4

Model: Eris Martinet
Studio: Eris Martinet Female Evil

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:12:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 128,1 MB

Description: In May 2019 I spent a few days at the famed Other World Kingdom, in the Czech Republic. A space for female dominants to rule, absolutely. 

There on the 2nd day, I was assessing the quality of available slaves, of various utility and training levels. When one of them, silent and humble in a corner, caught my eye. He waited for me hand and foot all the while I was there. He always anticipated my every need; he served, heart and soul. Without a word.

He always came out of nowhere ready to bear anything I was ready to dish out; tailing me like a subservient shadow. My heart filled with appreciation at the same time as .. cruelty. For a cruel twist of fate, such devoted, flawless service from the silent serf satisfied me, yet it also excited me with cruelty; with the desire to take this obedient toy and push it, roast it, test it. How far  does it go? Does it break?

My eyes glimmered. My lips wet. I rubbed my hands for I knew at once I had to call him to the games room for a little bit of the cane. And no, a rattan cane alone wouldn't do for such rare, delicious psychological delight. It had to be the lead heavy delrin. Thick and thuddy like a pile of bricks. When it lands, the victim feels shoved forward with the of metal. Win!

I called him. I talked to him gently, but my smile gave away my intent. Did he guess the cruelty and delight in my intentions? He was used goods. Everyone lashed his backside all day. But to me, this wasn't just routine. It was a little feast.
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