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Model: Alex Reynolds, Penny Barber
Studio: spankedanddiapered

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:16:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 599,8 MB

Description: Alex Reynolds’ mommy, Penny Barber, is waiting for her to be ready to leave for school. But when Alex comes out, she’s still in her pajamas. She explains that she doesn’t want to go to school because a new medication that she was prescribed by her doctor is making her constantly have to pee.

Penny won’t let this be an excuse for Alex to stay home— in fact, she has a whole plan ready. She tells Alex she is going to be diapered for school.

When Alex protests, insisting she is far too old and grown up for such humiliatingly childish treatment, Penny tells her to stop being fussy, and Alex earns a trip over mommy’s knee for a spanking on her round and bouncing bottom.

Penny takes great delight in tormenting Alex— pinching, tickling, teasing, taunting, and embarrassing the poor girl as she blushes and hides her face in humiliation.

But in the end, she must lie back with her legs open and exposed while Penny spreads her legs wide to powder her and diaper her.

And now, she has to go to school like this, while her wicked mommy stays home and dreams up more ways to teach her little girl a lesson.
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