Stevie At The Whipping Post - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Stevie At The Whipping Post - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4
Screenlist - Stevie At The Whipping Post - LBC Fetish - HD/MP4

Model: Stevie Rose
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:39:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 335 MB

Description: I met Stevie recently and discovered we have a common interest...spanking. I like to administer, and she likes to receive. We agreed to get together to explore this common ground. I tie her to the whipping post...naked, arms overhead. She can move around a bit...but she's not going anywhere. Her feet are free so I can easily turn her around when I want. I warm her up with some 'manhandling'...I grab her face, pull her hair, slap know...the basic warm up stuff to get her in the right mind-set. I turn her and grab her ass and spread it.Then I give it a spanking...again, a 'warm-up'. I spin her around and give her pussy a spanking too...can't have her pussy feeling completely neglected can I?? The cane follows...her ass is already nice and red. Now it gets even more so. I have her count the strokes. Then I use the short whip...the quirt. The slapping ends make a nice sound when they make contact. Now the flogger. First her front. I flog her tits, her belly and thighs...and her pussy too. Then I turn her around and let her have it. After a while I give a completely different sensation. I use the double pinwheel on her hot and sensitive skin. She twitches and squirms as the little needles poke her. Fun stuff! Then a nice hard hand spanking. When I say 'hard'...I mean that my hand hurts from hitting her ass. I know...poor me! I keep a grip on her snatch as I do this so she can't wriggle away. Now to change it up...I test her nipples with the clover clamps. They're no joke...a lot of girls can't handle them, but Stevie seems pretty casual when I attach them. So I add a lock to the a test. She feels it. I add another...and I tell her to move so the chain swings. Now she definitely feels it! Ok enough is enough. The weights come off, the clamps stay, and I turn her around to punish her ass some more... I start with the single-tail whip...just giving her a taste of the stings it little bee stings. Then the studded leather paddle...both sides. And she counts the strokes. I have this nice smooth, slim wooden paddle that I rarely use. Stevie takes it well. At this point I realize that she can handle basically anything I can dish out. I haven't been holding back, but now I know that I can use full power and her ass will just take it. I look for something...anything...that I can bash her ass with. I find a smash-ball paddle. It delivers a wallop. Her ass is starting to develop lumps and ridges...little welts. I run the double-pinwheel over her battered skin as she squirms. Then I give her ten of my hardest spanks...and to be hands hurt after! lol. Lastly I let her choose one final tool... and she chooses the studded leather paddle. I give her 5 hard ones with the smooth side, and then give her pussy a little rub to take her mind off the pain. And finally 5 with the studded side. I turn her around...she's smiling. This girl can take a beating! I put her down on her knees and remove her nipple clamps and tell her she's been a good girl. Next time I won't be so 'easy' on her!
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