Ashley's Submissive Retraining - LBC Fetish - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Ashley's Submissive Retraining - LBC Fetish - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Ashley's Submissive Retraining - LBC Fetish - Full HD/MP4

Model: Ashley Lane
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:22:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 539,6 MB

Description: It's been a while since Ashley  has submitted to a good training session, but today she's here.  I decide she need a bit of remedial re-training...back to basics.  She's wearing a posture collar and a newly grown patch of hair on her snatch...that's it.  She's been kneeling in the corner in a submissive slave position and I tell her to stand and go the wall.  I grab her by the hair and pull it, jerking her head back.  Her mouth opens and her eyes close.  I roughly grope her as she moans and gives into the realization that she's going to be handled, probed and used.  I have get down on the floor and poke her ass up.  Things are going to get anal.  I want her to feel violated and humiliated. So I quickly insert a finger up her ass as far as it will go.  This certainly gets her attention.  Now it's time to open her ass up a bit.  I insert a thick stubby glass plug that acts as a dilator...and gives her a nice little gape.  I play with her already wet pussy.  Then I rub her clit and as she moans and starts contracting her muscles, I know what's going to happen...and sure enough, her anal contractions eject the glass plug.  Good thing I've anticipated this and swiftly catch it in the! Now that she's 'warmed up' I get a large glass toy...a ribbed rod on one end and a butt plug on the other.  I sodomize her with both ends. And finally, the last anal toy...a chrome, pinecone like thing.  This one really opens her up.  In and out it goes...over and over.  I spread her cheeks to show her gaping butthole...then stuff it back in...a number of times.  It has a nice handle that fits the curve of the body so I leave it in as I tell her to stand and face the wall... I shackle her hands to a ring.  I manhandle her...I take a fist full of her hair and yank her head back, I put my other hand around her throat.  Then I roughly grope her.  I clamp my hand over her mouth to silence her moans.  I  pull on the large metal plug that I've embedded in her ass...a bit of in and out to set the proper tone. Now it's time to redden those juicy ass cheeks.  A bit of hand spanking first.  Then a good lashing with the flogger.  I strike her between the shoulder blades to change it up...which certainly gets her attention.  Finally the cane to give her some pretty stripes.  I can't say she enjoyed it as much as I did...but who cares?  I undo her hands and have her kneel like a proper good girl...and then rest her face on my boots.  Now she's a happy girl.
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