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Model: Ashley Lane
Studio: LBC Fetish

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:27:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 573,1 MB

Description: Before Ashley Lane was a famous porn star, I had the pleasure of having her as an occasional guest.  A guest I tended to tie up and torment.  On this day, I had her on her back with her legs pulled and tied to an overhead hang bar. I have a glass plug stuffed in her ass and then I proceed to made her thoroughly miserable.  First with nipple clamps (which she hates!)  I tug on them and make her wince.  They eventually come off to her relief...but her relief is short lived because then I start in on punishing her ass and thighs with all the tools in my arsenal. Let's not even pretend this is fun for Ashley...but it was fun for me, and it's sure entertaining to watch. I use the leather strap...which really makes her jump around like a fish on a line. Then I use the flogger on her. The flogger is a friendlier tool than the I try to even it up by hitting her ass as hard as I can. That seems to get the desired effect. Then back to the thing she hates the most...the strap. Poor girl! Then the bamboo crop a few times, and then the rubber cane I make her count 10 strokes...and trust me...I make each stroke a serious one. By the end of this session...she's DONE. Good times.
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