Lick And Make Up - Sarahs Fetish Play - Full HD/MP4

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Screenlist - Lick And Make Up - Sarahs Fetish Play - Full HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Gregory, Miss Bernadette, Clare Fonda
Studio: Sarahs Fetish Play

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:25:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 619,3 MB

Description: Previously on SarahsFetishPlay in the film, The Price of Forgiveness Sarah has brought Clare (a hot woman she met with at a Dungeon party) to their home without asking permission. They are both punished for this.

Now in this film, Clare is now living with them at her request but they are always fighting and cannot seem to get along. The last string for Miss Bernadette is a screaming match where Sarah is accusing Clare of taking her dress without asking to wear to the play party that night. Miss Bernadette walks in on the argument which about to turn physical and instead plans to do the physical part of things on their bottoms, breasts, and pussies. She quickly puts Sarah in line by collaring her and giving her some face slaps. Clare must also endure punishment since she has chosen to be in this with them. Both naughty fighting ladies are sufficiently punished with spanking, strapping, caning and more. The last part of the girls making up will involve some sexual fun. But at first it is not that fun. Miss Bernadette tells Sarah that Clare is going to lick her wet pussy until they can get along. Sarah finally starts to enjoy it instead of fighting it and the punishment is starting to work. Next Sarah is told to please Clare, so she finger fucks her until she cums. In the last portion of the film Sarah is finally allowed to cum as reward to taking the punishments and making up with Clare. Miss Bernadette holds a vibrator to Sarah's wet dripping pussy while Clare plays with Sarah's breasts and kisses her. This is a lesson in making up that the naughty ladies won't soon forget.
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