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Model: Kiki Divine, Miss Anna
Studio: aaaspanking

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 744,8 MB

Description: Kiki is the sort of girl that doesn't listen and thinks she can do anything she wants when it suits her. The teaching staff has routinely punished her with spankings when she has shown disrespect. Now the principal, Miss Anna, has to deal with her latest misbehavior when she continually uses the excuse of feeling ill. She has wasted the school nurse's time and Principal Anna has a humiliating punishment in mind to teach this miscreant a real lesson! Kiki is given the choice to own up and admit that she is faking illnesses but she continues to deny and lie about them so Miss produces a thick rectal thermometer which she lubes up in front of Kiki and takes her temperature with the embarrassed girl placed over the desk. With the threat of more severe consequences, Kiki admits she has been lying... just as the thermometer shows she has no fever. The principal has a legendary hard hand that the pupils know about and now Kiki feels this in person as she is taken across her lap for a mean hand spanking on her bare exposed buttocks. Kiki's rear quickly turns a shameful burning red, then Miss Anna places the schoolgirl over the desk for a wooden paddling that can be heard throughout the school. It's a thick, dense paddle designed for impact and Kiki feels the full force of this which has her gasping out in disbelief. Now she feels the wrath of Principal Anna who promises more of this style of punishment if she doesn't learn to behave and be more productive in the future.
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