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Cover Amelia Jane Rutherford Vol. 6 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4
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Model: Amelia-Jane Rutherford
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:11:52
Resolution: 700x570
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Description: First we see a Amelia Jane nervously meeting her new co-star for the first time (over his lap of course for a knickers down spanking). She must have enjoyed the experience because a few weeks later she requested that he play the part of The Headmaster in the production that follows. This is a complete full-length feature, over an hour long, entitled Amelia Jane Rutherford, Student Teacher. As the title suggests, Amelia plays the part of a student teacher on her work experience at school. The Headmaster is less than impressed when she bursts into his office with one of her pupils, Vanessa, demanding that the girl be given corporal punishment for disrupting the class. After sending the pupil back to her classroom, the head has a private word with Ms Rutherford about her attitude. He tells her that if she is so interested in corporal punishment he will arrange for Mr. Pringle, the gym master, to give her a practical demonstration. Unbeknownst to Amelia Jane, the demonstration is to be carried out on her! Mr. Pringle explains that before she can give out corporal punishment she needs to find out what it feels like. He tells her that she could of course refuse but not if she wants to pass the headmasters end of term assessment. Reluctantly she agrees and goes over his knee for a spanking saying that it won't hurt her anyway. That's a challenge Mr. Pringle can't ignore and he proceeds to make sure that she really will feel it. He gives her over 1,000 (YES ONE THOUSAND) very firm spanks, and that is just the start! Then he makes her stand in the corner with her bottom on display while he explains that she also needs to experience various implements. Throughout her ordeal Amelia makes no effort to conceal her contempt for Mr. Pringle earning herself additional punishments. She soon becomes intimately & painfully acquainted with the ruler, paddle, slipper, tawse and, of course the cane. Next the scene changes to the last day of term & Amelia's painful encounter with the Headmaster's cane. Finally there is a surprise twist ending that Amelia Jane had not anticipated.
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