Best Of The Brits - Remastered - Vol 23 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4

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Cover Best Of The Brits - Remastered - Vol 23 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4
Screenlist Best Of The Brits - Remastered - Vol 23 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4

Model: Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Sam Johnson, Emma, Suzi Martell, Zena Stones, Yasmin Garcia, Miss Claire Brown, Mel Penny, Miss Hudson, Natalie, Sarah
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:30:16
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,2 GB

Description: This volume starts with Part 1 of 'The German Au-Pair', digitally remastered. It opens with Sam Johnson getting the cane from Richard, and then Sam gets to spank the Au-pair played by Zena Stones. Next is 'Loyal Employees' Part 2. Lady Annabel calls her maids, Emily & Chloe, to the terrace, makes them bend over the low terrace wall, takes down their frilly knickers and gives them both a good hard dose of the strap. 'Spanked Secretaries 2 – Janet' Part 1 follows. Janet gets a visit from her boss Guy to teach her a stern lesson. The spanking session that follows is severe and relentless. Next is the first part of 'Taking Care of Business' a Red Stripe classic. Brandy and Sarah are two temps who work at an agency run by Miss Hudson. One of her best clients makes a complaint about their work for him. This earns both girls an OTK knickers down spanking from Miss Hudson, with worse to come. In the final episode of 'Rude Awakening', Emma has to report to her boss I at bedtime in her pyjamas. He places her over his lap and takes her pink satin pyjama trousers down to deliver yet another good hard spanking. He then makes her bend over for the cane. The cane not only results in some livid marks but it actually made Emma cry real tears. Next is the final part of 'Just Another Day at St. Stripes' Volume 3. Miss Brown now deals with Natalie. First she makes her bend over for 24 hard strokes of the strap then she is severely caned, getting 24 of the very best. Miss Robinson then gives her a further 13 of the strap. All 6 girls are then made to line up and bend over with their knickers still down to have their naked punished bottoms inspected. Last is the final Part of 'First Time'. Suzanne gets spanked by the headmaster and the headmistress and caned again too.
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