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Model: Suzi Martell, Becky Jordan
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:07:25
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 993,2 MB

Description: Karen and Michelle are sisters living with their Uncle Tony. Every Friday night, Tony has a poker game with his pals Jim and Rob. Michelle also plays if she is not going out but her younger sister Karen is out clubbing and, as usual, is late getting home. Tony is very cross because this is the first time she has been allowed out since being grounded for a week for coming home late. He tells her that seen as grounding does not seem to have worked she is going to get a spanking. She protests that she is too old to be spanked. He tells her that as long as she lives under his roof she is not too old to be spanked and when she continues to protest he makes it worse for her by putting her over his knee and spanking her in front of everybody. He warns her that if she does it again, her panties will come down, and if she persists in disobeying him she will get 'the stick'. During all this, Michelle notices that Jim and Rob have obviously enjoyed watching Karen get her bottom smacked, and this gives her an idea. Later she goes to Karen's room to console her. Karen is very embarrassed that she got spanked in format of Jim and Rob. She is also upset that next Friday all her friends are going to a new club and going home early will make her look really stupid. Michelle tells her that she has an idea how to solve Karen's problem and make some money for them both......... At the poker game the following Friday, Jim and Rob are hopeful that Karen will be late again and they will get to see her punished on her bare bottom. Karen finally arrives home at 3.00 am. Tony is furious and drags her straight across his knee. Ignoring her protests he reminds her of his threat last Friday and tells her how angry he is that she could so blatantly disobey him. He proceeds to take down her panties and spank her hard in full view of Jim, Rob and Michelle. Tony does not stop spanking her until her bottom has turned a bright shade of crimson. He her that he has not finished with her yet. and makes her stand with her hands on her head while they finish the hand of poker they were about to play. With Karen's red bottom on display, Tony returns to the poker game, only to get wiped out, along with Rob and Jim, when Michelle gets a fluke winning hand. This does not bode well for Karen, however, as having just lost all his chips Tony's mood has not improved. He leaves the room and returns with a cane. Karen starts to protest, but Tony with hear none of it. He bends her over and starts to cane her. After 5 hard strokes of the cane Karen can bear it no longer. In a state of panic she attempts to divert her Uncles anger towards her sister. Although this point is only seventeen minutes into the video, we will say no more about the plot from this point so as not to spoil your enjoyment. Suffice to say that in what follows, both sisters are severely punished, and not just by their Uncle. Good old Uncle Tony enlists the help of his good friends, Rob and Jim, to help teach his nieces a lesson they will never forget. Before the night is though both girls are spanked and caned at length by all three men in a final punishment scene lasting 46 minutes, during which either Karen or Michelle, (and at times both together), are continuously punished.
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