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Model: Tiffany Jones, Lucy Bailey
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:36:07
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 530,5 MB

Description: It opens with Nurse Darling preparing and presenting herself on a hospital examination table, to receive the attentions of Sister Bottomley. Nurse Darling has been here before and she knows what is expected of her. She places two pillows half way down the table and then drapes herself over them with her pert round bottom neatly raised to receive its due punishment. She then slips down her tight white knickers and waits for Sister's arrival. Soon Sister enters and wastes no time in giving Nurse Darling a sound hand spanking, followed by a severe dose of Sister's hard backed hairbrush. Suddenly they hear the door opening and Sister hurriedly covers the Nurses well spanked bare bottom and conceals the hairbrush in her pocket. Doctor Davis enters and is quick to realise that something has been going on. Sister explains that Nurse Darling was feeling unwell and that she was just giving her a physical check up. Doctor Davis is still suspicious and sends Sister away saying that, as he is the doctor, he will do the examination. It is not long before he discovers Nurse Darlings unusual symptom a very red bottom. He calls Sister back in and demands an explanation. The truth then comes out that Sister had decided to give the nurse some unofficial discipline so that her transgression would not appear on the record. The Doctor gives Sister the choice of being reported to Matron or receiving the same punishment as she has just given the young nurse. Not surprisingly Sister elects to take the punishment. There is however a further twist to this tale, but we wont spoil your enjoyment by giving away the rest of the plot, suffice to say that Sister gets more than she bargained for.
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