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Cover Out, Again - punishedbrats - Full HD/MP4
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Model: Lily Katz, Mia Mor, Skyler Grey
Studio: punishedbrats

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:08:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 815,5 MB

Description: Lily and Mia just needed a girls night out. Dressed in their finest they were ready to go out ad party when Mia's step-mom walked by. This time it was Lily whose bottom was first to feel the wrath of her Aunt Skyler. Lily found herself over Aunt Skyler's lap for a bare bottom spanking by hand and hairbrush eliciting tears and promises that she would be good. Once her sparking was over Lily was made to stand in the living room with her bare bottom on display.

After watching her cousin suffer through her intense and painful bare bottom spanking it was now Mia's turn. She was taken over her stepmother's lap, her stylish dress was raised, her lacey panties lowered and then she cried out as her stepmother's powerful hand landed upon her naked bottom. Over the next several minutes Mia sobbed and pleaded for this punishment to stop and promised to be good but her spanking but hand and hairbrush went on until the girl's bottom was very sore and well marked.
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