The Fifth Step - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover The Fifth Step - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - The Fifth Step - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD/MP4

Model: Danielle Banner
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:28:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: Danielle Banner had to look deep within herself while at the same time she needed to experience all of the things that she'd always craved most. Over the previous year Danielle had gone through her ups and downs with the man that became her dominant, and to him she was submissive. She had dreamed of a life with boundaries, structure and regular spankings, and it all came true for her. Danielle had signed a punishment contract and at times she didn't love up to her word, though through intense training the girl finally arrived at a pinnacle, she reached acceptance.

Danielle always knew what she wanted, but it took some time to actually get there. This is her first spanking after all of her training where she bent over without defiance of any sort and accepted the spankings that she needed and deserved. Sure the session would be hard, it started with a searing hand spanking followed by harsh licks with several belts, but what she felt was exactly how she had imagined things could be all along. After her strapping with one belt an even thicker one would be administered to full affect, but Danielle was compliant and certainly vocal at times while her bare bottom welted up!

Danielle is a strong and proud girl, so to keep her in line she would always need a more severe approach. Her bottom would be oiled and the bath brush would vigorously be used to further scorch the cheeks and thighs of Danielle. You'll also see her take strong sets of swats with the lexan paddle and a wooden paddle in what was a truly remarkable portion of the video. Finally, Danielle would get lit up with an electrical cord! It was a purely painful finale to what was an exceptional spanking in this must see video. This is a complete spanking with a real red and tender bottom, with some of the most stunning reactions that you'll ever hear.
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