The New Boss Part 3 - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

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Cover The New Boss Part 3 - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
Screenlist The New Boss Part 3 - spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/MP4

Model: Sarah Stern, Dilan, Mila Grant
Studio: spankingsarah

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:17:18
Resolution: 3840x2160
Size: 931,4 MB

Description: Two sassy office workers, Dillon and Mila have been punished and given a bag containing school uniforms and told to turn up at the office on Saturday morning dressed for punishment. They have already been spanked, stripped naked and humiliated but just how much further will Miss Sarah take things. These two brats are totally humiliated as they stand before their boss and listen to her tell them they will be treated like the naughty little girls they obviously are and will be treated like schoolgirls. They take it in turns to go over Miss Sarah's knee. Their school skirts have been pinned up to show their school knickers and as they take their place over the punishing knee they have the further humiliation of these school knickers being lowered to their knees and then spanked very hard. Once this is done and both girls are close to tears they have to bend over side by side at the desk, school knickers round their knees whilst they get a further hard spanking. They are then left, knickers around their knees in the corridor.
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