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Screenlist - Ember's Severe Spanking - SpankingStudios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Ember Sparx
Studio: SpankingStudios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:22:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,6 GB

Description: Every once in a while, Ember needs something more than a short, heavy spanking. Sometimes, she needs a long, severe spanking. And this is it.

Ember gets the hardest spanking she's every had. In a matter of 23 minutes, Ember's bare ass turns purple, black and blue.

Sir starts with Ember over his lap, wearing tight jeans and a nice red shirt. He starts hard and heavy with his bare hand, spanking non-stop. But Ember hardly seems fazed. In fact, she's smiling.

Of course, once those jeans come down, the expression changes, and the pain starts.

Sir gets Ember down to her bare bottom, then start in with a leather strap. He makes every stroke count. When Ember complains that the strap was wrapping, Sir simply gives her "the look," and keeps going.

Next, Sir uses the three-tailed leather tawse. This is a heavy implement, and Ember's bottom is clearly getting the sting she needs.

Not long after that, Sir switches to 18 inch, oak, school paddle, which he applies liberally to Ember's bare bottom. With each stroke, the bruising gets deeper. And after a round of heavy swats, Ember is made to count to 10, taking heavy strokes with every swing.

Finally, to make sure Ember is getting the sort of spanking she needs, Sir uses a rattan cane. He swings hard and makes sure that she feels the bite. Ember reacts with agonizing whimpering as her ass turns yet another shade of dark purple.

This video features 23 minutes of nothing but hard spanking action that leaves Ember Sparx in hysterics and tears.
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