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Model: Ember Sparx
Studio: SpankingStudios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:06:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 437,2 MB

Description: "Pain slut Ember just had a severe spanking a few days ago and already wants more. Her Sir, Christian, of course, is always happy to oblige.

First, Christian takes Ember to the couch, bends her over with his arm around her waist, and starts to spank her with his hand hard and fast. The sound of the impact is scintillating, as are Ember's moans.

Christian pulls Ember's leggings down exposing her pink cotton panties and already well bruised bottom. He continues to give Ember a hard hand spanking.

Finally, Ember is pulls roughly across her Sir's lap and Christian continues to spank her bottom hard. He pulls down her panties, then spanks her more.

Next, Christian sends Ember to get the wooden spoon. Dazed and still feeling the stinging in her ass, Ember complies, retreiving the spoon for her Sir.

Christian pulls Ember back across his lap and, without hesitation, starts in with the spoon, hard and fast. Ember's face is priceless, her mouth open, eyes tightly closed, showing the pain she's feeling across her existing bruises.

Feeling that the spoon isn't enough, Christian sends Ember for a small hairbrush paddle, which she reluctantly brings to him. Again, she's pulled over her Sir's lap and given more hard spanking.

Christian spanks Ember hard, making her bury her face in her pillow and scream. Then, for his own pleasure, he makes Ember count swats, giving her ten harrowing swats.

This video is approximately 7 minutes of a very hard spanking on Ember Sparxxx's already very bruised bare bottom."
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