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Screenlist - Ember Sparxxx Lingerie Spanked To Tears - SpankingStudios - Full HD/MP4

Model: Ember Sparx
Studio: SpankingStudios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:37:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,5 GB

Description: Ember Sparxxx is always being a slutty, spanking loving milf with a great love for sucking cock. So, Sir gives her an after work spanking that you'll love to watch.

Ember gets home from work and Christian, her Sir, decides to give her the gift of hard spanking and cock sucking. He takes Ember over his knee and starts with his hand. Then, he pulls down her pants and spanks her over some very sexy red lace panties.

Sir moves on to a wooden spanking helper, which he slides onto his hand and proceeds to spank Ember more with. Once he's satisfied that Ember has been properly warmed up, Sir bends her over the couch and starts in with much heavier toys.

First, Ember is strapped, then spanked hard with a tawse. Her ass changes colors as she is punished like the pain slut she is.

Seeing that Ember is only on the brink of tears, Sir decides to use his favorite oak paddle. He doesn't hold back, paddling Ember relentlessly until she is bawling. But crying doesn't mean to stop.

The cherry on the spanking cake is a caning that makes Ember turn to hysterics.

Satisfied that Ember has been spanked, strapped, paddles, and caned enough, Sir decides to reward her with a mouth full of his cock. He puts Ember on her knees and roughly fucks her face, pushing her head down until his dick is in the back of her throat. Ember's gags only make his push harder.

Finally, Sir pulls Ember's sloppy mouth from his cock and shoots his hot load into her mouth. Ember is told to show Sir's cum in her mouth. She does as she's told, and then dutifully swallows the hot cum.

This video features 37 minutes of hard spanking, strapping, paddling, caning, rough oral sex, and cum swallowing.
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