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Model: Ember Sparx
Studio: SpankingStudios

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:21:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 989,7 MB

Description: Ember Sparxxx, everyone's favorite well-spanked MILF, missed 2 days of spanking shoots because she was ""busy."" So, to make sure we didn't let anyone down, it was decided that she would get 3 days of spankings at once. And Sir didn't think it appropriate to hold back.

Ember is bound wrists and ankles to a table, her beautifully spankable ass in a pair of cute little white cotton panties. With little introduction, Christian begins the spanking with a kitchen spoon. As an old favorite, he loves swinging it hard and fast, as evidenced by the spanking that takes place.

Ember is soon showing the signs of a pain slut in her pain space. And for 6 minutes, while Christian scolds her for being a naughty slut who missed her shoots, she is spanked non stop with the spoon.

Next, Christian switches to a hairbrush paddle made of hard resin. Again, with no mercy, he spanks Ember hard for another 6 minutes. And in little time, she begins to sob as her ass is heavily punished. The bruising from the heavy paddling becomes quickly evident, but the spanking is far from over.

Christian decides to finish the last 6 minutes of the spanking with a hardwood bath brush. It's heavy, solid, and severe, and he uses it as it's meant to be. Ember's heavily bruised bottom is quickly turned a new shade of ""spanked."" And there's no question that Ember feels this one, as she is sobbing openly as she is scolded and told repeatedly to apologize for missing her shoots.

With the 18 minutes of painful discipline finished, Christian ends the scene by using his slut the way she deserves. He shoves his cock into Ember's pussy and fucks her roughly, then moves to her face and shoots his load into her hair and face. To make sure Ember knows she's been properly punished and used, Christian finally takes some of the cum from the table in from of Ember and makes her lick it from his fingers.

This video features 21 minutes of Ember Sparxxx bound to a table, spanked severely for 18 minutes, fucked from behind, given a facial, and made to eat cum.
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