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Screenlist - Ariel Anderssen Spanking New Ruler - EroticaBabes - Full HD/MP4

Model: Ariel Anderssen, Amelia Jane Rutherford
Studio: EroticaBabes

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:10:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 660,5 MB

Description: Ariel needs some help with her studies as she's stuck on a graph and calls her study partner Dave to ask for help. He suggests that he needs a sexy selfie from her before he will provide the answer. Ariel protests and says that's really naughty and he should just want to help her. His response would appear to he steadfast and Ariel relents. She takes a sexy selfie and sends it off to Dave. Dave responds, saying her selfie was not sexy enough. Ariel takes this as a challenge and takes a picture of her open legs with her panties on. His response pushes Ariel to take off some clothes. He wants her butt naked, but Ariel won't go that far. She undoes some buttons of her blouse and pulls up her skirt to reveal her bra and panties. She sends her picture over and decides it's not sexy enough. Dave thinks so too. So Ariel has another go and sends over a more daring selfie. She's getting into this and now wants to surprise Dave with her sexy pose. She undoes her bra and takes a shot from behind. A real tease. Ariel keeps an on going dialogue about what she is doing and why. She takes another photo of her bare ass over to Dave. Dave's response is how about a real spank? Ariel records a short video of her spanking herself. She picks up her ruler and spanks her own ass. The sounds and cries are brilliant. We slow the video down so you can see the ripples on her ass as she spanks herself. She knocks the phone over and has to start again! She carries on as she started. She talks to Dave as if he's in the room. Telling him what he should do to her. She carries on spanking herself. She saying she would loved to be spanked and says she's turned on. She gives Dave her address over the video and sends it! She's feeling turned on and hot. She gets a response from Dave, he says he will be over in 10. Ariel decides she'd better get herself hot and ready for him so starts to spank her pussy. We show this in slow motion and normal speed. She also spanks her inner thighs with the ruler, you get to see her flesh ripple and jiggle. She spanks herself hard to leave marks. Dave messages and says he's bringing his cane. Oh dear, poor Ariel
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