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Screenlist - Leia-ann Woods Chain Spank - EroticaBabes - Full HD/MP4

Model: Leia-Ann Woods
Studio: EroticaBabes

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:14:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 891,5 MB

Description: Leia-Ann reaches for some leather thigh straps and puts them on her thighs. She is nude and kneeling on the bed. After she has put one strap around each thigh she then picks up a length of heavy chain and attaches one end to a D ring on the strap, then around the bed frame and attaches the end to the other tight strap. She then picks up a pair of handcuffs and puts one side on one arm and the other end she attaches to the bed frame. She pushes the key out of reach at the end of the bed. Facing the bedhead with her ass to the camera she starts to spank herself. There are two cameras used to film this scene and we swap between the two viewpoint throughout the video. She spanks her ass with her hand and you can see her flesh wobbling and shaking as she spanks herself. There's some slow motion sequences which allows you to see the impact of her spanks and the effect they have on her buttock and thighs. You see the wobble, jiggle and impact of the strike in great detail. She not only spanks her ass, she works on the soles of her feet too. Running her nails under her feet and then spanking them in turn. At 07:35 MM:SS Leia-Ann tries to reach back for the key but it's just out of reach. She decides to change position and lay on her back. She undoes one side of the chain on her thigh strap and lays down on the bed. Her wrist is still in the handcuff on the headboard, She starts to spank her pussy and you get to see in slow motion and in normal speed her flesh wobble and ripple and she spanks her pussy. She recoils. You can see that she is getting turned on as her pussy is starting to cream up and get nice and wet. There's some great close up shots of her pussy and face as she spanks herself. She stops spanking herself around 13:49 MM:SS and lays the cold chain onto her pussy lips to cool down her stinging pussy lips and clit. The cold metal on her hot stingy lips feels so great.
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