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Exclusive Cover Lulu-lush Enjoying A Spanking - EroticaBabes - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Lulu-lush Enjoying A Spanking - EroticaBabes - Full HD/MP4

Model: Lulu Lush
Studio: EroticaBabes

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 761,5 MB

Description: This was our first shoot with Lulu-Lush. She has two presents to play with. A leather paddle and a lexan paddle too. She chats to you about how she is going to try them out and she starts seated rubbing the paddles up her legs and then spanks her inner thighs. She is determined to have some fun with them. She was told they feel good if you spank your nipples. She pokes her nipple through her sheer top and spanks it, then pulls out her boobs from her top and spanks it some more. She swaps between the leather paddle and the lexan one. She pushes her nipple through the hole in the paddle. Then starts to spank her boob. She then gets both boobs out and gives it some spanking too so it does not feel left out. There are some slow motion sequences with her spanking her boobs. She squeezes her boobs around the paddle and jerks them up and down, chatting about what could also go between her boobs. There's more slow motion here too as she bounces and wobbles her big natural boobs. There's no-one there to spank her, so she has to do it herself. She is wearing a paid or spanking pants just for the occasion. She turns around and put one leg on the chair and raises her skirt to reveal her ass cheeks. She starts to spank her ass with her hand and then a paddle. There's some slow motion sequences so you can see her flesh ripple as she spanks it. She chats to you as she does this. It's then the turn of the lexan paddle. She bends over and pulls out her boobs so they hang down. She spanks her ass and her boobs as the same time for a short while. She then sits down on the chair and hangs her ass over the chair. With both paddles she spanks both ass cheeks at the same time which looks fabulous in slow motion. The camera is low down and close so you get to see her bottom wobbling under her spanks. She changes position again, sitting down on the chair facing forwards and moves around spanking her pussy, thighs and raising her leg to spank her ass again. She then kneels on the floor and decides to spank her ass a little harder. The slow motion sequences here are good and there's a short normal speed segment. She then feels she needs some cream to massage into her sore ass. She asks for volunteers. We end with Lulu-Lush spanking her boobs at normal and slow motion speeds with a single paddle and both together
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