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Model: Tallulah
Studio: EroticaBabes

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: Tallulah is wearing a fetching leather mask with a union flag on it. She is nude apart from a pair of hold up stockings. She is kneeling on a chair with her ass to the camera. She runs her hands over her ass and playfully spanks her cheeks a couple of times. At 01:33 MM:SS she bends down to pick up a leather paddle from the floor, from the array of spanking implements she has already laid out. You guess she will be using them all at some point; a small flogger and a riding crop. She pulls up the paddle up her leg and starts to spank her ass. There's a wonderful sound as leather hits flesh. She varies the pressure of the spanks, some light, others harder. We slow the motion down too allowing you to see her ass cheeks flex and wobble as she spanks them. It's not long before her cheeks redden and you can see the result of the repeated strikes. We shoot the scene with 2 cameras and swap between the two angles throughout the video clip. She stops to lick the paddle by placing it in her mouth. Then it's back to spanking her ass again. There's more normal speed and some slow motion sequences. Her poor butt is getting very red. She kneels and bends over pushing her ass into the camera. There's some more spanking and then she stops for a bit. Looking at you through her masks. She swaps implements and picks up the mini flogger. She sits on the chair and opens her legs. You know where she is going to spank herself next. She teases us by playing backwards and forwards across her tits with the flogger. Slowing she works down to her pussy. We get in low and close with the camera so you can see it hit her pussy. We cut to a wide shot and then back to a close up. That luscious pussy flesh, just right for licking, gets a treatment with the flogger. We slow some of the strikes down so you can see them. Tallulah lifts her legs up around her head which opens up her pussy. She flexes her pussy muscles and you see her pussy lips and clit moving. She continues to flag her pussy. She sits up an then starts to flog her boobs. She loves the feel of the leather tails on her tits. She stops and pulls hard on her nipples, making them even more sensitive. She gives you a seductive stare and then lays back against the wall, opening her legs again. She starts to peel off one of her stockings. Slowly and seductively pulling it up her leg to her toes. She pauses right at the end and then removes it. She licks the foot area and smells it, whilst caressing and playing with her feet. Her other hand gives her pussy a little rub. She runs the stocking through her spread toes and we get in close to see the detail. She sniffs the stocking toe again, giving you full eye contact as she does. Then she pushes the stocking into her pussy. Bit by bit she feeds it into her pussy. There's just the very top of the stocking poking out and then she continues to push even more of the stocking in. She picks up the flogger and flogs her pussy with the stocking still in it. She plays with the flogger on her under sole of her foot. She spanks it and we show you this close up in slow motion and in normal speed. In the background you can see the delight on Tallulah's face as she flogs her foot. Fingers locked in between her toes as she pulls back on her foot. She's loving this feeling for sure, her expression is one of ecstasy. Whilst Tallulah is spanking the sole of her foot, the stocking she pushed into her pussy is making its own bid for freedom. She notices that it has made a sneaky exit and starts to flog her pussy again. We see these strikes at normal speed and in slow motion. At 17:29 MM:SS Tallulah starts to pull on the stocking to pull it out of her pussy. You can see it pull on her flesh, she still flogs herself as she does this. The stocking slowly comes out and you can see she is clamping her pussy muscles around it to stop it from coming out easily. The toe portion of the stocking pings out and she places it under her nose to smell it. We leave her at this point.
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