Military Discipline - Ariel Anderssen - Full HD/MOV

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Screenlist - Military Discipline - Ariel Anderssen - Full HD/MOV

Model: Ariel Anderssen, Amelia Jane Rutherford
Studio: Ariel Anderssen

Format: mov
Duration: 00:22:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: I'm in terrible trouble for being late to a meeting. It turns out that the military has a very unbending view towards punctuality. The general has called me in to his office, and tells me to take off my uniform, until I'm standing before him wearing nothing but stockings, lacy basque and very brief panties. He instructs me to stand in the corner, facing the wall, and wait. Imagine my horror when *another* man enters the room! This is Captain Philips, and he tells me that since this is a first offense, he's 'only' going to spank me!! He pulls me over his knee and starts doing exactly that. Half way through, he makes me stand up and I hope it's over, but he just wants to pull down my panties before continuing to spank me! The OTK spanking and corner time is all hugely humiliating, especially with the general watching!
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