Chastity Bar & Kneeling Punishment - Ariel Anderssen - Full HD/MOV

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Exclusive Cover Chastity Bar & Kneeling Punishment - Ariel Anderssen - Full HD/MOV
Screenlist - Chastity Bar & Kneeling Punishment - Ariel Anderssen - Full HD/MOV

Model: Ariel Anderssen, Amelia Jane Rutherford
Studio: Ariel Anderssen

Format: mov
Duration: 00:18:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,1 GB

Description: Please note; this was my first time trying this equipment, so things didn't go totally smoothly. I've reduced the per-minute price because there's a 3 minute section in the middle of the video where I'm struggling to get the butt plug part inside me, which hijacks the story a little!

My master is out, and I'm taking the opportunity for a quick forbidden orgasm - I can't go a whole week without one! I love my vibrator, and my clit is so sensitive from not being allowed to cum that I'm sure it won't take long to push me over the edge. But just as I'm about to have a WONDERFUL orgasm, you come back and discover me! I try to explain that I wasn't *really* going to cum, I was just going to edge myself a little, but you don't believe a word of it (quite correctly FYI). You're determined to punish me, and you have a strange new device you plan to use for doing so! I'm very confused, having never seen a chastity bar before. What does it do? You explain that I need to insert the larger steel ball into my pussy (but it's SO BIG!!) and the slightly smaller ball into my ass. Then, using the attachment points, I'll have to tie a crotch rope to keep the bar in place for the rest of the punishment. Generally, I love having foreign items introduced to my pussy and ass, but the steel balls are intimidatingly large. I lie back and try to push the first one into my pussy. Eventually I manage it, but I feel so full, and my pussy feels incredibly stretched. Will I really be able to do the same with my ass? It's very difficult and painful - it takes almost 4 minutes until the bar is resting right against my body, with the two steel balls buried deep inside me - huge, and overwhelming, and uncomfortable, but simultaneously strangely exciting. When you tell me to pick up my vibrator again, I'm even more confused. Surely it won't have any effect at all with the steel bar covering my clit? But the vibrations transmit through the device, deep into my pussy, and within a minute I'm on the edge of orgasming. Which is when, of course, you stop me, at the very edge of cumming. My frustration will make the next part of the punishment all the more challenging.

In the next scene, you've had me remove my black opaque stockings (why?) and put on a black silk slip, so we can no longer see the chastity bar buried in my pussy, or the crotch rope holding it there. You tell me that it's time to kneel on the new punishment mat, that's covered in sharp plastic spikes, like teeth! You tell me to set the timer for 5 minutes and to put my hands on my head before getting onto the mat. The spikes immediately start to bite into my knees, and you order me to lean forward, to put more of my weight over the spikes. I can't decide which is more painful, the chastity bar or the spikes digging into my knees. After a couple of minutes, the pain of the spiked mat definitely wins, and by the time 5 minutes are up I'm begging you to let me get up; it hurts SO BADLY!
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