Snooping Around - wasteland - HD/MP4

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Cover Snooping Around - wasteland - HD/MP4
Screenlist Snooping Around - wasteland - HD/MP4

Model: Angelique Leclaire, Leila Hazlet
Studio: wasteland

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:15:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 228,2 MB

Description: This is the old case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but then again, these two young ladies were doing something they definitely were not suppose to be doing. Angelique and Leila decided to do some backstage snooping and when they found a locked door. Must to Leila’s horror, Angelique decided to break in. What they didn’t expect, was to find someone in the room working. Leila is chained to the equipment rack and made to video record poor Angelique’s punishment. As sweet as Angelique is, she just couldn’t talk her way out of this one and is stripped down and appropriately reprimanded.
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