Charlie's Chapel Discipline - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Charlie's Chapel Discipline - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist - Charlie's Chapel Discipline - aaaspanking - Full HD/MP4

Model: Charlie Ten, Zoe Page
Studio: aaaspanking

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:11:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 698,3 MB

Description: We present to you another in our "Catholic Schoolgirl Discipline" series and this time it features naughty miscreant, Charlie Ten, forever in trouble and always finding it hard to sit down in class because of her sore spanked bottom. Charlie has been taken to the school's chapel, a peaceful place, away from the classrooms where no-one will hear her cries of pain once Miss Page has dealt with her. Today, this foolish schoolgirl has flouted yet more school rules on make-up, painted nails, and other attire not befitting the strict uniform code of St. Mary's. Miss takes a look at Charlie's already spanked, sore bottom and has no sympathy as she drags the girl over her lap for yet another bottom blistering. Her cheeks quiver in shame under the relentless smacking without the dignity of her regulation panties, and her flailing legs are pinned by Miss Page's as the hard hand spanking continues. Only when Charlie's bare buttocks are a glowing red does Miss finally stop... safe in the knowledge that she knows the best lessons are always learned on the bare! Charlie is left to contemplate her latest punishment discipline before being allowed to go back to classes, no doubt finding it difficult once more to sit down!
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