The House Parts 1 & 2 - Special Anniversary Edition - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4

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Cover The House Parts 1 & 2 - Special Anniversary Edition - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4
Screenlist The House Parts 1 & 2 - Special Anniversary Edition - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4

Model: Lucy Bailey, Gaynor Gold, Donna, Brigette
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 02:02:52
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,6 GB

Description: May 2016 marks 21 years since the first Strictly English production 'The House, Parts 1 and 2' (May 1995), but for technical reasons (screw ups) Part 2 was never released as it was originally conceived, and so to celebrate the 21st anniversary we fixed the problems & produced the definitive full length version of 'The House', from start to finish. Part 1 Victoria's Room\Victoria lives with three other girls and two guys in a shared house. As usual she has failed to attend the weekly house meeting. Annabel (played by Lucy Bailey) suggests that they should leave Victoria a note saying that the meeting decided they should all spank her for failing to attend the house meetings and never doing her share of the household chores. Later that evening Victoria returns and finds the note. She is mortified at the thought of being spanked by the whole house. She tells David that she will accept a spanking from him on the condition that they do it in the privacy of her room and not in front of the whole house. Naturally David is only too willing to oblige her. After a long hard spanking, he rubs some baby oil on her sore red bottom, clearly turning her on. Part 2 The Bathroom. \In a shared house, the use of the bathroom can become an issue. Annabel just misses out on using the bathroom, as David has just gone in to run himself a bath. However, Annabel decides to lure him out. She uses her mobile to ring the house phone, and with no one else around to answer the call, David exits the bathroom and goes downstairs to take the call, but is too late. When he returns to the bathroom the door is locked with Annabel inside. Furious at having his bath 'stole' David shouts through the locked door,\ 'I don't know which of you girls are in there but you act like a bunch of schoolgirls. You all deserve a damn good spanking'\This idea resonates in Annabel's imagination and as she lays back relaxing in the bath her hand strays to her pussy as she fantasizes about all 4 girls in the house dressed in school uniform being punished by David. When he finally gets to use the bathroom, there is no hot water left to run a fresh bath, just a bath full of dirty bathwater left by Annabel. He has a cold shower instead, and is just about to shave when Annabel returns, having left her mobile in the bathroom. He tackles her about the situation but she twists her way out of it, until that is she asks him to hand her the mobile phone she left and he notices that the last number called still shows in the display the house number. Annabel has been found out and David is furious. She tries to get away fast but in her haste she steps back, trips and tumbles into the large round sunken bath. She is now furious too. He offers her a hand to get out of the bath but as she rises he pulls her down over the edge of the bath and starts to spank her on her wet panties. She eventually struggles free and expresses her outrage at his actions. He retorts that as she shows no remorse, he obviously has not done enough yet, and then hauls her over his knees for a long hard spanking on her bare bottom. A day or so later, Brigitte breaks the dishwasher. She cant afford the repairs so a deal is reached that Annabel and David will pay for now, but they will both spank Brigitte. This was recently released for the 1st time as 'Lost Scenes No 1' but on this edit, the sound is much better as we managed to find a new back up tape with better audio. The final part of this special edition shows the uncut rushes of a re-shoot of the bathroom scene, which had to be re-done as the original Take 1 had no audio track Note - The sound on the previous (original Take 1) silent bathroom scene has been painstakingly dubbed on for this special anniversary edition.
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