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Cover Best Of The Brits - Vol 26 - strictlyenglishonline - SD/MP4
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Model: Catherine Corbett, Nikki Flynn, Sam Johnson, Suzi Martell, Maria Martell, Stella Martell, Zena Stones, Sarah Harvey Lewis, Lesley, Becky Jordan, Joanne, Miss Parker, Samanatha Brown, Jackie, Cindi, Elaine, Donna Peach, Miss Rachael
Studio: strictlyenglishonline

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 01:31:08
Resolution: 700x570
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: This edition opens with Part 3 of the Red Stripe Classic, 'Overstepping the Mark'. Head girl Rachael now punishes newly appointed prefect Joanne for 'overstepping the mark'. She gives her a very firm spanking, a severe strapping and finally a good caning. Next is the 1st part of \Niki Flynn's standout movie 'Trial by Ordeal' which was co-written by Niki herself . Niki has inherited a cottage in a sleepy English village, steeped in history and local folklore. She receives a summons to attend the local manorial court to answer charges of breaking three centuries old outlandish local bylaws. As an alternative to attending the court, she is offered the option of accepting 'guidance', but unbeknownst to Niki, 'guidance' in this case involves a firm bare bottom spanking. Next is another new title, the Red Stripe classic 'Sorry Miss'. Miss Parker has Samantha and Emma in detention. She begins by administering a spanking to Samantha's bottom, whilst she is standing up, with her hand on her head. Miss Parker then repeats the punishment on Emma with much more to come for both naughty girls. Next in 'The German Au-Pair' Part 4, Richard now punishes the Au-pair with a heavy leather paddle. Next we return to Miss Parker dealing with 2 other naughty girls in 'Were in Trouble' Part 2. She spanks Head girl Trudy again and then new girl Cindi. Then it's time for some more serious punishment for Trudy. Miss Parker paddles her, straps her and then canes her. It's also time for some more serious punishment in 'Smacks of Blackmail' Part 3. Maria and Sarah now get the strap, the paddle and the crop so it can't be long now before their naughty bare bums will get the cane too. Next is 'For Being Impertinent' Part 3. Now Miss Chambers gives both girls the strap and finally they are both caned. Finally there is Part 3 of 'Spanked Sister-in-law'. Debbie consoles her sister and suggests a nice long soak in the bath. With Sally safely out of the way in the bathroom, Debbie goes back downstairs to Paul and says that it was really as much her fault and that she would feel much better if Paul would spank her as well. The next day Paul tells Sally she should invite Debbie to come back with them to stay for a while. Within a few days, Debbie is flouncing around the house in front of Paul wearing nothing but a small towel which earns her a good spanking with a wooden spoon over her older Sister's lap.
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