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Cover Bedroom Spanking - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Bedroom Spanking - wmwfetishfun - Full HD/MP4

Model: Veronika Valentine, Andi
Studio: wmwfetishfun

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:10:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 906,6 MB

Description: Veronika Valentine and Andi tangle in a playful turned semi-serious bedroom spanking contest in this sexy video! Andi has done a number of matches like this, and invites Veronika to take her on in one herself, both for the fun of doing it and also because she feels she can kick her ass! Does that confidence come back to bite her in the ass quite literally however?

Veronika and Andi are just chilling in Andi's room, each clad in lingerie, when from her bed Andi broaches the topic of doing a spanking match with Veronika. She's done her share this type of match recently, and wonders if Veronika has ever done any, and if she'd do one with her now. She also kinda wants to kick her ass as well!

Veronika, who had been rather bored, almost falling asleep in a chair in fact, springs to life at all this talk, and takes the blonde up on her spanking challenge. She promises even that when she is done with Andi, her ass will hurt so much that she will be crying! With all that said, the two get on the bed and get this battle rolling!

As much as both feel they can kick the others ass here, for most of the fight the tone is actually pretty lighthearted. Smiles are seen and giggles are heard as the ladies smack at each other's hot asses, both turning red pretty quickly from the punishment. This playful feeling comes to a halt towards the end though, when one woman is accused of cheating! Things become very serious again after that, as the victim of the alleged misdeed is out for vengeance!

Is the upset woman able to get her revenge? Just who comes out the winner of this ass slapping battle? One of these two ladies makes a big statement to the other when it's all over, you can trust that much!

Fun matchup with a fairly intense finish. Features some great ass shots along the way too, in particular in the aftermath of the fight when both show off their heavily reddened bottoms to the camera. Ass lovers should enjoy this one!
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