Morgan's Three Ordeals - goodspanking - SD/MP4

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Cover Morgan's Three Ordeals - goodspanking - SD/MP4
Screenlist Morgan's Three Ordeals - goodspanking - SD/MP4

Model: Morgan Phoenix, Sharon Kane
Studio: goodspanking

Format: mp4 (zip)
Duration: 00:39:26
Resolution: 710x478
Size: 681,4 MB

Description: Morgan is as brave as she is beautiful. Still, even the brave bite their lower lips a little when they discover that they're about to take a trip across stern Sharon Kane's knee. And poor Morgan -- she was scheduled for not one, but three stinging sessions! First, Morgan is Celeste, a snooty, pure-bred equestrienne who pays dearly for abusing her horse. She learns her lesson as Sharon mounts Celeste, the better to train her with the wicked riding crop. If only Morgan's troubles were over. Next she's Ellen, dawdling in the shower until Sharon bends the naked, wet woman right over the bathroom counter, causing her to blush from top to pert bottom. Finally, Morgan is wondering what form her next spanking will take when Sharon kindly volunteers that they can end the suspense right there in the dressing room. Too startled to protest, Morgan is pulled across Sharon's lap for a dose of firm hairbrush discipline, which leaves her with a sore reminder of a hard day's modeling work.
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