Our Slave Girls Will Entertain Us - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Our Slave Girls Will Entertain Us - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Our Slave Girls Will Entertain Us - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Scarlet, Roxy Elixir, Mila Grant, Bella Bird
Studio: Carnal Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:12:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 290,1 MB

Description: Mistress Roxy and Mistress Scarlet are enjoying a glass of wine at the dining table. Mistress Roxy calls her Slave Mila over to top up their drinks. Mila is naked apart from her collar and brings over a bottle of wine on a tray. She pours the wine into the Mistresses glasses and then makes the mistake of sitting down on the empty chair at the same table of the Mistresses.

Mistress Roxy immediately looks her in the eye and throws her down on the floor by her hair. Mila has seemingly forgotten that slaves do not sit at the table and Mistress reminds her of this. Mistress Roxy spits in Mila's face, who looks humiliated and attempts to apologise.

"Slaves do not sit at the table" Mistress Roxy reminds Mila.

Mistress Scarlet calls her slave girl Bella over to her side. Bella looks at Mila kneeling on the floor and knows to kneel at Scarlet's feet. Obediently, Bella starts massaging Mistress Scarlet's stockinged feet. Mistress Scarlet tells her that Bella is being trained to make her life better, and that this is the purpose of her being her Slave girl.

Mistress Scarlet then explains to Bella that Mila has embarrassed Mistress Roxy and that therefore, Bella has to spit in Mila's face too, for both Mistress Scarlet and Mistress Roxy's amusement.

When Bella has managed to spit in Mila's face, Mistress Roxy tells Mila that she can redeem herself for her previous misdemeanour. Mistress Roxy takes a candle from the table and starts dripping hot wax over Mila's naked body.

In the meantime, Mistress Scarlet tells Bella that she will demonstrate her love for her Mistress and Bella is instructed to bend over the table. Mistress Scarlet lights a new candle and inserts it into Bella's ass. Mila is ordered to go underneath Bella to catch the hot wax that is dripping from the candle, so that the floor stays clean.

Mila moans as the wax hits her naked body but she does not dare to disappoint or embarrass her Mistress again and stays underneath Bella.

Slave Mila and Bella have been turned into human candlesticks to entertain their Mistresses.
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