Schoolbully Gets Disciplined Part 1 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover Schoolbully Gets Disciplined Part 1 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist Schoolbully Gets Disciplined Part 1 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Roxy, Dilan, Mila Grant
Studio: Carnal Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,3 GB

Description: Schoolgirl Mila and Dilan share a room at the boarding school they're attending. Mila is a first years, while Dilan is a year older. Meanwhile, their room has become a mess with dirty clothes, pencils and papers shattered around on the floor.

This morning, headteacher Miss Roxy enters the room to wake the girls up. Sleepily, the girls head's emerge from under the sheets of their single beds, wearing a white tank top and white underwear. Miss Roxy's voice is stern. How did they let their room get so messy? She informs them that they will have to clean up before breakfast and that if it's not done and in proper order when she returns, the girls will not get any.

When Miss Roxy has left the room, Dilan turns to Mila and tells her that she will not be cleaning and that Mila will have to clean it all. Mila says that isn't fair, but Dilan doesn't back down. She points at the floor and tells Mila to get on with it, while she stays comfortably in her own bed. Scared of the repercussions, Mila hastily starts picking up the laundry off the floor. Meanwhile, Dilan sneers at her, directing her to be faster.

Dilan then tells Mila to start folding their socks but Dilan doesn't think Mila is doing a good enough job. She gets up and pulls Mila over to the bed where she starts spanking her in her white underwear.

Mila cries out and pleads with Dilan, saying that she's folded the socks but Dilan is not satisfied. She continues to spank Mila mercilessly and pulls her up by her pantie, then pushes her head down on the bed. Mila tries her best to still fold the remaining socks but can't help but sob while she is being spanked and humiliated by her roommate.

Suddenly Miss Roxy comes back into the room and catches Dilan spanking Mila. She asks the girls what is going on and Dilan starts coming up with an excuse. Miss Roxy tells Dilan that nothing gives her the right to spank a fellow schoolgirl and that she is not in a position of authority. She has to be disciplined, so Miss Roxy summons Dilan to the other side of the room where she takes her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.

Now it is Dilan who is crying out and asking Miss Roxy for mercy. She is humiliated in front of Mila who has sat down on the other bed and smiles upon seeing Dilan getting spanked. When Miss Roxy is finished with the spanking, she pulls Dilan up by the ear and informs her that she is going to get a mouth soaping for using foul words to bully Mila. The only suitable discipline for a bully using foul words is a mouth soaping with carbolic soap.

Miss Roxy grabs authentic carbolic soap and takes Dilan over to the sink. She then starts washing her mouth and tongue out, while Dilan comes close to crying. All the while, Mila gets to see it, and she smirks from her side of the room.

Miss Roxy catches her smirking and once Dilan's discipline is over, she calls Mila over. It is not appropriate to laugh at the discipline of a fellow schoolgirl, and therefore, Mila's mouth will also be mouth soaped. She is summoned over to the sink and her tongue and mouth get soaped out with the same carbolic soap that Dilan just experienced. Mila is on the brink of crying but there is nothing she can do.

When Miss Roxy finishes with her, she tells the girl that they'll be expected at breakfast soon. Though, unfortunately, they won't be able to taste it with the flavour of carbolic soap in their mouths.

From now on, Dilan and Mila will have to get on and become friends and she instructs Dilan to help Mila with her homework in the future.
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